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To Your Health

What would your life be like if you were enjoying more physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial health? Would you also like to feel like you are helping make a positive difference on a global level, supporting humanitarian efforts? How would you feel if you were more connected with your soul and life purpose, with the support of a skilled and loving team?
There is a welcome for you here.
Clean water, pure air and healthy whole foods work for everyone. Likewise, we humans have a long history of working naturally and effectively with plants. Plants have been evolving on this planet right alongside us for many thousands of years and plants have an abundance of healing properties to share with us.
Read on to see if there might be some goodness here for you and your loved ones, and please do not hesitate to contact Luz Elena via for a free consult. You will get a faster response via email. You may also call or text 802-451-9495 for a response within a day or so.

Luz Elena Morey DoTERRA Wellness Advocate

My Story 

After 35 years in the wellness field, helping people release trauma symptoms, connect with their soul and find satisfaction in life, I hit a wall. In the fall of 2017, after over one year of illness, my soul ripped away from by body. I had been in bed a lot, exhausted. My muscles and joints ached all the time and I was barely able to think. My language process had slowed down considerably. My soul and body were no longer compatible and I knew I was dying. I had given up on my dreams. It was a stressful time. I put my healing art center on the market, alerted my daughter’s father that he might need to take on full-time custody, and I made peace with death.

From this place of surrender, I listened to an intuition that changed my life. I called Michelle Menegaz, one of the most honorable people I know, and asked her to tea. I figured if I was going to die, I wanted to spend some time with Michelle before I left the planet.

Michelle introduced me to an extraordinary company, doTERRA, and its essential oils, which had helped her end decades of migraines. Sitting at her kitchen table, I played with the oils; sniffing them and putting them on my skin. They made me smile and delighted me in a way that I had not felt ever.
My intuition told me to order an introductory kit and to do the business, in my own, loving way. Since I'd barely worked all year, I borrowed the money and waited for the purple box to arrive.

When the oils were in my hands, I opened up each of the glass vials of precious ancient medicine and breathed them in, deeply, three times each. I diluted them in olive oil and smoothed them into my body. I put a drop or two of frankincense essential oil under my tongue.

Within 24 hours, my life force returned. I was no longer tired, my muscles and joints didn't hurt. I could bend my knees fully without pain and I could think much more clearly. It was as if rays of clear energy were radiating off of my head. Soon, beautiful new dreams for my future were ignited.  I was alive again. I felt the inner presence of light and I had hope. As my energy came back, I took my property off the market. I was ecstatic to be alive and well for my daughter's last year of high school, and happy to help her through the flu season with no illness dramas.

Michelle, Em Falconbridge and the doTERRA team helped me get my doTERRA business going in a fun way and I feel deeply grateful for the growth and financial freedom that this business has opened up for myself and so many people.

While I still help individuals and groups aiming for clarity, effectiveness, freedom and transformation using natural, innovative, soul-centered expressive arts and psychological methods, I also help people wanting to do this with the support of loving plant allies. It is all important and I do not believe that essential oils, or anything, is for everyone. I do believe it is important to follow one’s inner wisdom. That is where the power is.

Are you looking for better mental, emotional and physical health? Are you looking for a natural way to deepen your connection with spirit and one-ness? Are you looking for the best natural supports to add to your health took kit for you and your family? Are you looking for lasting financial sustenance and powerful personal growth? If you are interested in any of this, please do contact me for a free conversation and samples, to see if any of this opportunity might be supportive for you. I help people be authentic and empowered and I do not believe in pressuring anyone.

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There is a world of support for you from our team so that you can
- feel your very healthiest and best
- enjoy connecting with supportive people dedicated to making a positive impact on the world
- receiving an income that helps you live your dreams

Nature has solutions to the challenges we all face. Essential oils are playing an important role as millions of people wake up to the power of natural solutions.  DoTERRA is a global leader when it comes to offering the highest quality essential oils and essential oil education. Their sources are small organic farms from around the world, where the healing plants grow best. Their humanitarian work through the Helping Hands foundation and Co-Impact Sourcing guarantees good lives for those involved in planting, cultivating, harvesting and distilling the plants that make their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.

Contact me via or 802-451-9495.

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