“The mystic says that sound comes from the soul, the heart and the mind. Before its incarnation the soul is sound. It is for this reason that we love sound.”  -- Hazrat Inayat Khan

Sessions bring light to illness, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, confusion, and trauma, opening us to our healthy, vital essence!

"The use of sound for accessing and enhancing wellness is perhaps the oldest and most effective form of healing."  -- Luz Elena Morey, MA, RDT

Individual Sessions

Sessions combine psychotherapy, and
eco-centered transpersonal drama therapy
with sound healing. 

Please call to reserve a session:
(802) 451-9495


Sound Healing Circles

If you would like Luz Elena to work with you personally and/or to facilitate a sound healing circle for your group please call 802-451-9495 or email luzelenamorey@gmail.com.
People in deep need of health support benefit from relaxation and listening. Others benefit from more engaged, supported, easy and creative participation, as abilities allow. 

What clients and participants say:

“ Being with Luz Elena, opening up and receiving the sound healing she offers is a beautiful and personally transformational experience - one that is very different each time.  I highly recommend her personal and group sound healing sessions”

“Thank you for the beautiful sacred space you created [for the sound healing circle] and your graciousness towards me.  At one point ... I looked up and saw you as graced, centered and emanating Goodness/Healing.  Your were beautiful.  Your love medicine is powerful, real and appreciated.  Thank you for the gift that you are."

"It was an amazing gentle evening for me.  I felt the ancestors guidance.” 

“Simply, Luz Elena is a compassionate, deeply dedicated and intuitive healer, who is beyond present with whomever she is working with; to aid them on their journey of personal transformation.”

“Experiencing Luz Elena’s healing work has had a profoundly positive effect on my path towards inner and outer health and has started me on a new journey of exploration.  Luz Elena is professional yet sensitive to a person’s needs and wishes.”

“I loved the music, the sentiments and the healing energy.”

“I felt like Luz Elena was singing just for me."