Create Your Reality from the Inside Out

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Are you a serious lover of life and service? Are you on the path of wellness, love, harmony and beauty?
Participants in this retreat intensive will go into a place of deep, beautiful healing, experientially tapping into the pure light of our own evolving and majestic beings. We'll carefully touch into the mud of our lives and experience humble compassion for our own selves, as we loosen and unhook connections to unhealthy patterns.

We'll continue on the path of longing to be ever more conscious, compassionate and loving beings of service: relaxing and engaging in toning, sounding, music, movement, drawing, poetry, writing, drama and meditation, Earth-connecting and ceremony.
This is confidential work, done personally and with the support of the group.
Work happens around the world.


Participant Comments:

“If you enter her realm with a will, a willingness to be open, to be vulnerable, then Luz Elena can lead you, as she did me, on a journey into the very heart of the glowing mountain that is your soul. It will be a wondrous journey to a place where magic still lives, but perilous, too, for there are wounds there that were unknown to you. You must trust her, for she has the power to transform wounds into precious jewels and pain into smiles.”
  — Hank Wolcott, aka Grandfather Great Blue Heron

“It was a profoundly grounding, expansive and empowering weekend, leaving me with inspiration and new tools to work with.”
   — Kristi Williamson, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Founder of Divine Grace Yoga and Arts

“I am impressed by Luz Elena’s deep and potent mentoring ... I noticed four obvious and immediate areas of growth directly related to my work with Luz Elena:
1) Greater awareness of internal, visceral sensations, which imbue my verbal expression with deeper truthfulness and sharper clarity, for myself as well as my coworkers, supervisors and partner.
2) More effective art of questioning style facilitation, organic inclusion of breathing techniques with children, and curriculum ideas for my environmental education programs.
3) New spiritual practices that extend into my work space and interactions.
4) Safe and continued recognition and healing of deep patterns and scars that surfaced in the workshop.”
   — Cara Michelle Silverberg, Educator

Group Retreat - Nature-based+Transformational+Summer+Program.jpg

“My experience at the Elemental Arts Training with Luz Elena and the group was extraordinary ... I now have a wiser, more loving, trusting and intuitive inner leader to unite with my long term teaching skills and tricks for energy raising and focus.”
     — Dianna Pacella, Interdisciplinary Arts and Nature Educator, Landscape Architect, Artist

“Luz Elena, thank you for your guidance, which brought me back to regaining my deep breathing and acknowledging the importance of my being alive. I now appreciate my self more fully, and belief that I am a creature able to heal my self, with the potential to offer like wise to others. Mahalo.”
     — Clara Velandia, Health and Well Being Coach, Nutritional Specialist

“This workshop opened me to joy and connection with spirit. It also deepened my understanding of my spiritual path. ...
A journey through my imaginal realm
In movement and in meditation.
Seeing the landscapes
Meeting guides
Traveling through dreams.
Guided by light
I feel deeper joy and
Connection to spirit.”
     — Taina Lyons, MA

“I always look forward to the gentle, creative, mindfulness Luz Elena brings to her workshops. I particularly enjoy her combination of sound, art, imagery, spoken word and drama to help build a supportive, empowering, interactive environment. I find myself learning from her facilitation skills/techniques, from helping with others’ work and from insights gained through my own shared personal journey. I find myself forming lifelong personal connections with workshop colleagues which is also a special part of the process.”
     — university professor, published writer

“Luz Elena’s training on tapping supports my work with veterans and their spouses. Often they feel stuck and unable to move beyond their trauma. Tapping provides them with something they CAN do. It also provides a form of self-comforting when confronted with anxiety or panic.”
     — Michael Young, MDiv Veterans Counselor, MVOC Veterans Outreach

“I would very much like to offer more training opportunities for staff in the future with Luz Elena at the helm. Her knowledge, experience, and empathic spirit brought staff to a place of greater ease.”
     — Mary Bradley, Child Development Manager, Early Education Services

“This was the best workshop. I am so glad I came. It definitely gave me positive energy. I enjoyed it thoroughly.”
     — Burlington Parks and Recreation workshop participant

“Luz Elena’s trainings are powerful, transformational, and an inspiration for creative holistic teaching. ... Luz Elena helped each of us to access a deeper connection to the natural world. She also helped us discover hidden treasures within ourselves, opening a door for enlightening and tangible inner transformations and healing. Afterwards I felt powerfully inspired, cleansed, and radiant from within. After experiencing how powerful the tools that she gives us can be for learning with heart, body, and mind, I am motivated to integrate those nature and art based elements into more of my teaching.”
     — Karianna Rosenberg MAT, Multicultural Specialist Storyteller, Dancer, Wilderness Arts instructor

“I learned in such a deep way. Luz Elena so strongly, gently and fully holds her teachings inside of her and gracefully shares them with us. The role-modeling of how to bring wisdom, patience, and true reflection of another into our work was so all encompassing throughout the week. Luz Elena brings so many years of experience in mentoring and being a guide for others, along with study, research, and a strong personal practice, that she is able to teach from so many angles. Because of the safe, solid, and creative space she held for us, by the end of the training, we all felt like family. We went to deep places, funny places, song-ful places, quiet places, dream time places, all of which brought a sense of wonder and new-found sense of connectedness inside of myself. When I returned home, I felt that the base of who I am was stronger, more confident.”
     — Sarai Shapiro, Wilderness Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Community Organizer

“Embodied Evolution has been a process of dancing through my own stories and fears so that I can choose more wholeness and joy in my life - however mysterious it may be.”
     — Cara Michelle Silverberg, Educator

“Luz Elena inspires me with her wise and beautiful presence that so easily glides into airy, fiery, and flowing states of being, all the while staying grounded and deeply connected. I returned from a week-long teacher training with Luz Elena feeling deeply connected to my own inner wilderness, and empowered as a strong radiant human being. I reconnected with a solid, deep-breath, grounded sort of feeling, a feeling of being deeply connected with the Universe. ... I am unspeakably grateful for all we shared this week and (after the advanced developmental weekend).”
     — Jaz Lin Artist, Explorer, Two Coyotes Wilderness School instructor