Inner Wisdom programs help people:
- Gain clarity
- Strengthen inner peace
- Align with your authentic strength
- Release blocks and heal trauma
- Strengthen one’s connection to inner wisdom
- Increase satisfaction and effectiveness professionally
- Create reality from the inside out

We use breath-based nature-connected techniques based solidly on transpersonal drama therapy and developmental psychology. We also welcome the support of plant allies in many forms, including pure essential oils.

Inner Wisdom programs specialize in helping people bring their most beautiful dreams into clarity, action and reality, from the inside out. On this journey, it is necessary to embrace our gifts and skills as well as to release unhealthy patterns and trauma-related emotional/mental and behavioral blocks. We help you do this.

While most methods are based on the work of Luz Elena Morey, MA, RDT, we recommend wonderful life coaches, body healers and light workers as needed.

Please contact us for our upcoming programs or ask us to create a specially tailored program for you and your group.

What you need is always emerging from within you.
To help you feel empowered, effective, and emotionally pain-free, Inner Wisdom programs use modern and ancient tools to clear, uplift, clarify and energize you into a more active sense of wholeness.
Come home in an authentic and energetically satisfying YOU.
— Luz Elena Morey, MA, RDT
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Luz Elena has an amazing gift for guiding one down one’s own path.
— Inner Wisdom Client
Luz Elena introduced me to the essential oils from doTERRA, which have helped me get off antidepressants, release a significant amount of PTSD, help my children with natural solutions and make more money in a way that feels wonderful.
— Inner Wisdom doTERRA Wellness Advocate