Presentations & Book by Inner Wisdom's founder:
Luz Elena Morey, MA, RDT

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Original and popular music pierces through our cultural illusions of 'romantic attraction.' Cutting edge information is combined with personal stories and user-friendly individual explorations. For an outrageously complex topic, Luz Elena's presentations & workshops are like a breath of fresh air. Participants experience ‘choosing’  to feel fulfilled and ‘high’ while also centered and empowered. Participants look into their cultural, evolutionary, biological, psychological, spiritual, and personal relationship with romantic attraction.
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“Oh my goodness! How much easier I learn with music, pictures, poetry and quotes! ... I left feeling full, joyful and inspired. I loved Luz Elena’s music; it helped her words and teachings come into my mind and body more deeply. Thank you for a multi-media evening, which met my need for fun, learning and celebration of life!”
— Bonita Ford, Facilitator & Educator/Enriching Life for People & the Earth,

“The presentation was refreshing. I got some helpful insight into the process that I have gone through in the cycle of ‘Love experience.’ Luz Elena talked in a ‘matter of fact’ way about issues that many of us have been reluctant to really ‘see.’ Thank You!!!”
— Rebekah Clark

“This was perfect. I found the personal stories illuminating of the content. The organizational structure was great. Luz Elena engaged the audience and used visuals very well.”
— Attendee, Brooks Memorial Library, Feb. 2013

“When I saw the flyer for the workshop, I was glad to know that someone had responded to Bell Hooks’ call for academic inquiry of LOVE. The delivery being fun, deep, real, and reflective of the ranging nature of the topic was, however, a very pleasant surprise.”
— Khin Ei Ei Khin, M.S. Graduate Candidate, Management, Leadership and Change, SIT Graduate Institute, World Learning

No matter your culture or level of education, when Cupid strikes, you may get obsessed and flounder in turbulent waves of supernatural bliss and desperation.  ‘Normal’ living can be impossible. Why is ‘falling in love’ regarded as an illness in many societies?  Why is living ‘happily ever after’ the sought out fantasy of western culture?  What would be possible if we shifted into a more sober and satisfying perspective about attraction? Luz Elena's book, Romantic Attraction and the Longing for Bliss: Lust, Love and the Quest for Wholeness, is a look at attraction from developmental, evolutionary, spiritual, psychological, biological, and cultural perspectives.  Available through Mahalo Art Center, it offers the reader a well-researched and heart-centered perspective that supports healthy individuals, families, and communities.

“The book is great. I really loved the part about lust and how extreme attraction to someone could actually become the recognition of a quality that is lacking and needs to be developed in the self. For example, being obsessively attracted to a real daredevil type of person might mean that one needs to take more risks or try something new for themselves.”
— Tamara Stenn, Adjunct Professor in Management, Keene State College

“In a world where people die or wither away because of romantic attraction, Luz Elena Morey’s compendium of knowledge and findings on this topic - including original insights - offers the strong possibility of saving lives and restoring a hopeful world-view. Though academic in tone, I recommend this book for educators and lay readers alike.”
— John Wilmerding, Quaker Peacemaker, Founder of John Woolman College of Active Peace